Saturday, February 20, 2010

Agatha Nominee!

Dialog For Murder bloggers are pleased to announce that Kaye George...

Wait. Gotta say it better.

The Dialog For Murder bloggers are happy to announce...

"Happy"? We're not just "happy".

The Dialog For Murder bloggers are ECSTATIC to announce that Kaye George's short story "Handbaskets, Drawers and a Killer Cold" has been nominated for the Agatha award for Best Short Story. We're drinking cyber- champagne, trying to find our feather boas, and generally shouting GO KAYE!

The winner will be picked by ballot at Malice Domestic in Virginia this spring.

Here's a description of the story and a link to it on-line.

"Handbaskets, Drawers, and a Killer Cold" by Kaye George

When Chicago cop, Cal Arnold, stops at the drugstore for cough syrup to tame his raging cold, he ends up taking in a hold-up artist instead. On his next attempt, same drugstore, another robbery is in progress. This time the felon is Nate, the wayward brother of Cal's wife and the guy who was the subject of their latest heated argument. The sixteen-year-old has a wild streak as wide as Lake Michigan, a chip on his shoulder the size of the Sears Tower, and has recently been kicked out of Cal's house. Nate speeds away from the drugstore while Cal is paralyzed by a coughing fit, but Cal is positive he has

recognized the vehicle. Go after his brother-in-law? Write up his report and leave out the vehicle? Cal has to decide whose wrath he fears more, his wife's or his captain's. He struggles with this decision while dealing with a fellow officer, Fred Davis, who might bea dirty cop.

And here's a link to the ezine:


Congrats also to two of our fellow Guppies (Sisters In Crime Online Group) whose stories are also nominated:

“On the House” by Hank Phillippi Ryan

“Death Will Trim Your Tree” by Elizabeth Zelvin

Other Sisters In Crime have been nominated for other Agatha awards, also. Congrats to all the nominees, and especially to our KAYE GEORGE

Posted by K D Fortune.) Photo of strawberry in champagne courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Steve Ryan

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