Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writing Friendships

Marilyn: As you know, Kaye, the writing life isn't for the thin-skinned or faint-hearted. We write our hearts out, send our stories to editors and agents, and reap our share of rejections. I think I would have stopped writing years ago if not for the support and care of fellow writers like you and Peg.

Kaye: Yes, I have to admit I had always heard how supportive writers, and especially mystery writers, are of each other, but I was skeptical. Oh sure. Like another writer will help someone who will end up stealing readers from her. Or him.

Marilyn: Except now you know otherwise. [grin] We're in a small group of writers, and we're very supportive on one another. Even when we're vying for the same agent's attention.

Kaye: Since getting to know many other writers (including you and Peg and KD!), I have been so pleasantly surprised at how much support there is for new writers and writers who are trying to break in. Mystery writers are the most generous people you can imagine. The theory is, I think, that there are enough readers to go around. Just because someone buys Writer A's book does not mean they won't buy Writer B's. The more mysteries the better!

I received support very early on from a multi-published writer, Valerie Wolzien, who had no idea who I was, except that I knew her nephew--and that I was a mystery writer.

Marilyn: And I had the good fortune to take a writing course with Roberta Gellis many years ago. We became close friends. I still run the plot of my story by her whenever I start a new novel.

Kaye: Now that we've found Sisters in Crime and the Guppies, we have a friendly, comfy support net. But, still, writers that I meet at conferences and through other people, writers who have been published for ages, are always generous and supportive. Just the fact that they go to conferences and share their knowledge and wisdom on panels is a sign of their generosity.

One thing we must remember to do, Marilyn, when we're multi-published in mystery, is to be as kind and nurturing as everyone has been to us.

Marilyn: Absolutely! As a result of meeting so many Sisters at Malice, I've decided to start a Long Island chapter of Sisters in Crime. I only hope it takes off.

Kaye: I think you're already doing your part to nurture new writers, Marilyn. I wish your new chapter all the best!

Note: Photo is of Kaye and Marilyn, taken at Malice Domestic in May


  1. Hi Guys. Kaye, thanks for the shout out. When I went to my first writer's conference, way back before I even found SinC, I met Susan McBride. She was gracious and helpful, sweet and supportive. Then I found Guppies and found most of the mystery community was the same. It's great to be part of such a great group of people.

  2. I am so glad that I stumbled onto the Guppies group in February. The members are helpful, knowledgeable and friendly--just what a new fiction writer like me needs while trying to find my way in the dark, cold waters, shark-infested waters of publishing.

  3. If it wasn't for my writing friends I wouldn't still be writing, and I've met every single one of my writing friends online. Three cheers for the Internet, and three times three cheers for the support of friends who understand this writing stuff. God bless them every one!

  4. Great post, Kaye and Marilyn!
    I still remember meeting Kaye at a Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave, riding the tour bus around town together to get ideas for our short story submittals to the anthology, then reviewing each others' stories afterward. What a great start to a great writing friendship!

  5. Yes, Beth, you were one of the first online friends I met for real. KD, I was referring to our blogmate, KD Fortune, but I'll give you a shout out, too! And most everyone who has been a Guppy gives the group credit for support and success. Long may we write!

  6. There's no group like the Guppies!