Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello from K. D.

Hi everyone. I'm K. D. Fortune, except that I'm not.

K. D. Fortune is a pen name.

I'm an independent contractor with rather conservative clients, and I decided that a pen name would give me more freedom to write about murder, sex and mayhem. A pen name can also give me aliases, alibis, and the other attributes of a (vicarious) life of crime. I have one non-fiction book to my credit, and a couple of fantasy stories in small magazines. For most of my working life, I was a research chemist.

I currently live in Vermont. We are on the East Coast to be close to our two kids, but my heart is probably always going to be in California. We lived there for thirty years. My husband is a mathematician. I met him in physics class in college, which is exactly where a chemist would meet a mathematician. We have a son and a daughter and a grandson and a granddaughter. A surprisingly balanced family.

I love reading mysteries and non-fiction, watching Teaching Company videos, and plinking around on the piano. I can't sew, cook pretty well, and do a certain amount of volunteering.

I look forward to blogging with this group.

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