Friday, January 8, 2010

Who's on third?

I'm next! Kaye George, resident of TX for over twenty years. Before that I meandered through CA, IL, SC, MT, OH, MN, and MI. (I prefer serial commas, as you can see.) Our family toured the states the hard way, by living each place two or three years.

While wandering, I've working secretarial and bookkeeping jobs (and tax prep for H&R Block), ending up as a computer programmer, which I loved. When we moved out of Dallas to the hinterlands of Texas, I considered myself retired and began to write full time.

Along the way we raised three of the most incredible children, and now have four grands who are also excellent kids, superior in every way. Hubbie and I were either good parents, or lucky ones. I don't kid myself about that.

My journeys have given me much grist for my writing mills. I began to get short stories published a few years ago and continue to work on them, time permitting. (I didn't know you could be this busy while "not working.") I consider myself a full-time writer and my main focus is on getting a mystery novel or two (or three) published. I've completed one or two novels on each of three projects and have about a zillion more lined up in my head.

My hobbies are the grandkids, reading (which is no longer exactly a hobby, I guess), playing the violin, composing music, travel and hiking, and, if I ever live somewhere without clay soil again, gardening.

I hope you'll enjoy the blog we're putting together. We'll try to give readers something interesting to read!

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