Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last But Hopefully Not Least...

You know all those “getting to know you” quizzes that people forward back and forth to their friends? What’s your favorite color. What’s the last thing you ate, etc. Well, here’s my take on a “getting to know you” quiz.

Name: Peg Cochran
Home: On exile in Michigan (really, I’m a “Jersey” girl at heart having spent my whole life before now in either the Garden State or NYC.
Greatest Ambition: To be a published author (it’s too late to become a live-saving heart surgeon unfortunately.)
Favorite authors: Tess Gerritsen, Deborah Crombie, Julia Spencer-Fleming, Krista Davis, Jane Austen, Ruth Rendell, Kate Atkinson
Favorite TV show: Don’t watch much. Too busy writing (see above)
Marital Status: Second marriage to Fletcher (I was widowed in 1997)
Family: Very supportive, fortunately! Two beautiful daughters named Francesca and Annabelle (nothing ordinary for me!), a splendid Westhighland Terrier named Reggie and a schizophrenic cat aptly named Frazzle.
What I’m writing: mysteries which I love along with some young adult
Why I Love Mysteries: Because things HAPPEN in them!
Hobbies: None unless you count cooking which I adore because I LOVE to eat.
Favorite Food: Do I have to pick just one? Lobster, roast chicken, a great steak, really crispy pommes frites, shepherd’s pie on Sunday nights, NJ pizza for lunch, “Sloppy Joes” from the Towne Deli—sandwiches between three pieces of rye bread with ham or turkey, swiss cheese, cole slaw and dressing (Thousand Island or Russian—I’m not sure and they’re not saying).

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